Sunday: Welcome Reception

After registration on Sunday afternoon at Butchers' Hall, the province of East Flanders is pleased to offer you a reception.
In this hall, which dates back to the 15th century, a variety of authentic culinary products will be presented.
Feel free to join.

Monday: Meet&Greet; Belgian Beer Tasting

On Monday evening, following the afternoon sessions, a Belgian Beer tasting will be organised. A range of local beers and non-alcoholic alternatives can be tasted in an informal setting. A good opportunity to get to know each other at the beginning of the symposium.

Tuesday: Congress Diner

Tuesday evening, we offer the opportunity to join the congress diner at 'T Pand, the culture and congress centre of Ghent University.

Wednesday: Guided City Tour

The guided tour through the vibrant host city will be organised on Wednesday evening. Ghent has a rich history, and is at the same time a modern and trendy student city. During the walking tour, you will get to see how both worlds go hand in hand effortlessly.